Piano at Rae's.

All our piano lessons are private where you have the option to complete the A.M.E.B classical syllabus as we are certified by the A.M.E.B Examination Board, or simply learn piano for leisure.

During your classes you will develop the correct piano technique, aural skills and improve your aural intonation.

We understand that classical music isn't for everyone—
we are able to offer piano students the options of learning different kinds of piano technique that involve playing more contemporary styles of music. For example, using chords to play Lady Gaga or Coldplay songs!

We also offer music theory classes, where students will learn in great detail music knowledge. We recommend theory classes for those undertaking higher levels of piano, as it helps build understanding.

We are also able to offer VCE or VCE/VET tutoring for pianists in year 11 and 12. Our teachers are extremely familiar with Units 1&2 and 3&4, with one being awarded VCE/VET Music student of the year in 2008. We can prepare students for music auditions for entrance into Melbourne University, Monash University, the VCA, RMIT, NMIT, Box Hill Tafe and VIctoria University.
You can also purchase a term of piano lessons as a gift voucher.