Singing at Rae's.

We believe every person has a different vocal ability and they should be able to maintain a connected tone throughout their range. The key to singing well is connecting one part of your vocal range to another, although it will be easy to understand, it takes time and patience to coordinate your technique and knowledge so that you can sing well.

We use scales to improve your vocal ability and range then work with songs in a range of genres to apply the techniques. Whether you prefer pop, rock, country, jazz or R&B we will work with what interests you!

Our private singing classes are structured in either half hour or one hour classes where you will learn…

  • Air flow/ Breathing support
  • Diaphragm work
  • Resonance/ Tone quality
  • Vowel shapes/Positioning of mouth
  • Connecting tones/ Chest/ Head voice
  • Vocal exercises in building and strengthening your vocal ability
  • Body posture
  • Light and shade/dynamics
  • Presentation

We are able to offer VCE or VCE/VET tutoring for singers in year 11 and 12. Our teachers are extremely familiar with Units 1&2 and 3&4, with one being awarded VCE/VET Music student of the year in 2008. We can prepare students for music auditions for entrance into Melbourne University, Monash University, the VCA, RMIT, NMIT, Box Hill Tafe and VIctoria University.
You can also purchase a term of singing lessons as a gift voucher.